From Students:

Dear Ganaraska Staff. Thank you for giving me the experience of a life time. I very much appreciate (teacher) Ali helping me to overcome my fears in the forest. She showed me that at night the forest is actually very cool. Now I don’t need to be scared and now I can be brave and enjoy the forest. I really appreciate you all putting up with us for 2.5 days.
- Samantha, Grade 6, Sir Albert Love, December, 2014

My favourite activity was skiing in the forest. The group and I had to go through snow and over hills. The group and I fell a lot going through the forest but we got up again and again. There was small, medium and large hills but we got back to the Ganaraska Forest Centre and had lunch. That was my favourite activity.
- Ricky, grade 6, Plainville P.S. Feb. 2015

I had an amazing time doing the Night Hike. I would make it longer. Because we got to know you and you got to know us, we all had such a hard time leaving so maybe you could extend the staying time to 4 or 5 days (I would say 5). You really made this trip and if it wasn’t for you then we wouldn’t have been able to go. You really know how to teach because the people that don’t always listen when (our teacher) is teaching, listened. I take my hat off for the chefs for all the amazing food! The facility was great. It was really easy to get around. This was a really amazing education experience and your humour just topped it off more. Thank you so, so much for this tip and I hope that you loved us coming as much as we loved being there!
- Annie, Grade 6, Sir Albert Love, December, 2014.

I had a great time at the Ganaraska Forest. The Night Hike was my favourite activity. At the Night Hike I was blind as a bat. We played a game and did some calls – and not phone calls. We got to hear a barred owl. After the Night Hike I was dead tired, so when I went to bed I fell asleep right away. I’m glad we got to go to the Ganaraska Forest Centre for our trip.
- Braiden, grade 6, Plainville PS. Feb. 2015

From Teachers:

Thanks to our amazing chefs, Brenda and Brent. Everything was absolutely incredible. I need to diet for a week. Thank you for accommodating the dietary concerns with such flare!
- Susan, teacher, Our Lady of Fatima School, March, 2015

Our instructors were outstanding! Could not have asked for better. Great organization, smooth transitions, educationally strong and relevant, engaging, fun and challenging. Excellent educational value. Thanks for a great three days!
- Wendy, teacher, Msgr. Phillip Coffey School, March, 2015

Not sure you can improve on perfection!
- Nicole, teacher, Sacred Heart School, February, 2015

Absolutely outstanding. It honestly couldn’t have been more enjoyable for the students and teachers. We were all super impressed with your gorgeous facility. AWESOME! We’ve never experienced a trip like this before. Fantastico!
- Graeme, teacher, Immaculate Conception School, November, 2014.

From the Mouths of Babes:

Thank you for teaching us about soil and trees. I got to hug a tree, smell a tree and even lick a tree!  
- William, Grade 3

Thank you for teaching us about soil and plants. It was the best time I ever had in my life!
- Alexander, Grade 3

Did you know that I loved it yesterday? My favourite was tree-hugging because I love using my five senses but licking the tree wasn’t yummy. I also remember 1. clay 2. silt, 3. sand 4. gravel. It was really fun learning.
- Katrina, Grade


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